The Man Who Created Rock N Roll

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Little Known Facts about The Hound:

1. You Ain't Nothing But A Hound
There is a little know fact about the song "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley. If you listen to the very end of the song, you can hear George in the background saying "you ain't nothin but a hound." Elvis really was inspired by George when he did the song and not many people realize there was a connection.

Take a listen:

Historical Timeline:

November 19, 1949
New spinner @ WJJL, Niagara Falls, NY

May 1, 1954
WJJL goes to 14 hours a week with R&B -"Lorenz is really selling the beat"

Nov. 25, 1954
"Jet" Magazine notes the Hound commutes between Buffalo and Cleveland daily. Cost about $25.40 a round trip.

Dec.31, 1955 -
The Hound and Lew Platt New Years Eve Party at the Plaza Theater Headlined by Clyde McPhatter and Mr. Bear

Nov. 4, 1957 -
8th Anniversary Show Stars WKBW, town stops Rochester, Scanton PA, Providence RI, Hartford Conn. Advertised with the following stars; Jerry Lee Lewis, Billy Williams Quartet, Roy Hamilton, the Mello Kings, the Tune Weavers, Little Joe, the Bobbetts, the Lovers, the Clovers, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Thurston Harris, Doc Bagby, Duke Jenkins.

June 30, 1958
At the end of this week the Hound leaves WKBW when the switch formats to Top 40.

Oct. 27, 1958
Hound speaks out against Top 40 in Billboard Magazine

Dec. 8, 1958
Hound Dog Anniversary show @ the State Theater -Hartford Conn. Featuring all teen age 6 piece band as well as Connie Francis, the Big Bopper, Little Anthony.

Dec 15, 1958
Top 40 programming is "paralyzing record sales in many markets" Now on WHAY

Jan 12, 1959
WHAY - Hound Dog stage show in New England, NY State and Niagara Pennisula section of Ontario to come March and April 1959.

Jan 19, 1959
Hound can be heard on WINE - Buffalo, NY. Station mgr Al Anscomb formerly of WKBW.

March 23, 1959
Travis and Bob to star on Hound Dog Rock 'n Roll Easter Show in Upper NY and Canada this weekend.

Nov. 6, 1961
Jim Ameche Productions and World Wide programming, Inc merged .

Dec. 11, 1961
The Hound begins to be heard on WNJR 7p -9p daily. He can also be heard at this time on WABY and KXLW.

June 26, 1961
"Battle Cry" by the Cavalryman was cut by syndicate DJ George "Hound Dog" Lorenz.

Feb. 9, 1962
Hound is no longer heard on WUFO Buffalo.

May 19, 1962
HD show is now carried by WANN -Annapolis, MD.

July 7, 1962
The Hound is asked his thoughts on the new comer to the syndication circuit; Dick Clark. The Hound has been doing it for over 12 years at this time.

Aug 11, 1962
The Hound predicts "the Wobble" will be the new dance craze. (WWPC, Buffalo is the station the hound is listed at)

Nov. 10, !962
Hound Dogs Old Gold record comes out. The liner notes are were written by the Hound.

Dec. 10, 1964
The House the Hound built goes on the air in Buffalo, NY - WBLK 93.7 FM

About The Hound

Dig man! Tune to the Sound....

The whalin' Sound of The Hound could be heard on every one of the following stations at one time or another:


WNJR - Newark, NJ -Started in April 1962
WABY- Albany, NY -March 1962
WGH - Norfolk, VA
WEEP - Pittsburg, VA
WSRS - Cleveland OH
KXLW - St. Louis - March 1962
WPOP - Hartford CT
WHAY- Hartford, CT
WJJL- Niagara Falls, NY
WKBW - Buffalo NY - 1955 - July 1958
WINE - Buffalo NY1959
WXRA - Buffalo, NY

WBLK-FM - Buffalo, NY


Have you heard the Hound on another station we don't have listed? Did you hear him on one of the stations listed above? Let us know... share a story with us. Submit your memories of The Hound.