The Man Who Created Rock N Roll

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This site is a tribute to George Lorenz and what better way to pay tribute to him than to let his listeners and his biggest fans share their stories of how The Hound influenced, entertained or brought them a measure of pleasure.

Here are the memories we've received posted in order of the most recent received...

Submitted by:
Paul S. Lotsof

Tucson, AZ

George Lorenz was a very special part of my life in that he gave me my first radio job at WBLK in December 1965. The year I worked for him includes memories that I'll always cherish.

Many years before I met him, an incident took place while I was a student at Kenmore West High. After 48 years I have no idea why I remember this. I was in gym class. The gym teacher had just given the boys detailed instructions on how to play some game and he was annoyed because his instructions had been ignored.What's the word?", the teacher yelled.Suddenly two-dozen kids shouted back the answer:... "Thunderbird!" A bewildered look came over the p.e. instructor's face. He hadn't a clue but he had unwittingly unleashed the power of the Hound. Thunderbird was a cheap wine that the Hound had advertised on WKBW. The Hound loved to make up rhyming slogans. Thus, "What's the word? Thunderbird!" As for the gym teacher, he was simply too old to dig The Hound.

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